The 8th Chengdu Digital Entertainment Culture Week Opens Today

Chengdu Daily |  release time:June 15th,2018

   On June 15, 2018, the 8th Chengdu Digital Entertainment Culture Week opened in Wuhou district. Related organizations from the 16+1 format, representatives of international and local organizations, experts and corporate leaders from the new economic sector, international commerce chambers and industry associations, embassies of the Central and Eastern European countries in China and other new economic sector influencers convened in Chengdu. With "Digital New Economy, a New Wuhou" as the theme, this edition of the Chengdu Digital Entertainment Culture Week features Guest Country of Honor for the first time, and sponsorship from the three Baltic States will help to bolster cultural exchanges between Wuhou District and the CEE countries. At the same time, other activities such as Wuhou District new economic development and promotion, Wuhou District business investment and promotion, and regional international cultural exchange were carried out. Through strengthening interchanges between Wuhou culture and cultures of the Central and Eastern European countries, the goal is to forge a Chengdu digital entertainment activity brand with international fame. Envisioning the future from a global perspective and staying abreast of the monumental opportunities in opening-up efforts, Wuhou District is showcasing to the world the charisma in its new economy.


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