2018 Chengdu Cross-Strait Business Investment and Promotion Hosted in Xiamen Yesterday

Chengdu Daily |  release time:June 14th,2018

   In order to further strengthen efforts in investment promotion of companies, expand Chengdu's influence and investment attractiveness, and compel companies from both coasts of the Taiwan Strait to invest and develop in Chengdu, the 2018 Chengdu Cross-Strait Business Investment and Promotion was held in Xiamen on June 13, 2018. The event saw attendance from more than 40 distinguished enterprises from Fujian Province and Taiwan such as Xiamen Utrans Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. and Xiamen K-Fu Animation Co. Inc. The Promotion provided a comprehensive introduction on Chengdu's investment environment, and the participating enterprises showed widespread approval of Chengdu's current and future development prospects, sound industrial foundation and the lawful, international and convenient business environment. A group of investment intentions were reached in Chengdu.

2018成都海峡两岸招商推介会昨日在厦门举行 .jpg

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