The 2018 China Brand Festival to Be Held in Chengdu in August

Chengdu Daily  |  release time:June 13th,2018

   The 2018 China Brand Festival (CBF) will take place from August 7-9, 2018 in Chengdu, the first time to be held in Sichuan's capital. Apart from the activities at the main venue, a series of parallel sub-forums will be held according tothe development features of Chengdu industries. It is worth noticing that activities such as the Chengdu Brand Strategy Development Forum, Chengdu Brand Consultation, and Brand Tour will also be held to present suggestions and policies on the development of Chengdu brands and promote the buildingof "Quality Chengdu". 

   The CBFis an annual brand event with the largest scale and the highest profile, which is held in major brand cities of China on August 8 each year.The first event took place in 2007.


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