Construction for "Landmark Park" Jintang Mountain City Park Breaks Ground |  release time:May 23rd,2018

In recent days, the Urban-Rural Construction Bureau of Jintang County of the city of Chengdu indicated that construction for the Jintang Mountain City Park has already broken ground, and Jintang County intends to turn this park, which occupies 1.2 million square meters and earmarked for RMB 200 million in investment, into the "landmark park" of the Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park.

The Jintang Mountain City Park is located within the jurisdiction of Sanxing Town and Qixian Township of Chengdu's Jintang County, adjacent to downtown of Jintang County, Jintang Avenue and the University Town. The park will utilize the area's existing actual topographic features, incorporate thematic projects with different dimensions of experiences, and construct "multi-dimensional experience" thematic segments that will include elements such as different spaces and landscapes.


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