Chengdu Issues 16 Policies on Optimizing Taxation and Business Climate

Sichuan Daily |  release time:May 23rd,2018

  On May 22, 2018, the State Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau of Chengdu hosted a press conference to announce 16 policies in the Numerous Measures of the Chengdu State Tax Bureau and Chengdu Local Tax Bureau on Deepening Reforms to Streamline Administration, Delegate Powers, Improve Regulation and Strengthen Services and Optimizing Taxation and Business Climate. According to the arrangement, Chengdu will build a unified invoice mailing center that serves the whole city and create the "Invoice e-delivery" invoice delivery service brand so as to enable taxpayers to be able to "obtain invoices without leaving home".

  The "Invoice e-delivery" is an invoice delivery service brand of the State Tax Bureau of Chengdu that revolves around the theme of making things "convenient to the people, favorable to the people and beneficial to the people". Tackling issues such as irritably long lines and difficult invoice retrieval process reflected by many taxpayers, the Chengdu State Tax Bureau formed an alliance with China Post to forge a Chengdu State Tax Invoice Delivery Center, with mailing costs to be borne by enterprises. The delivery center began trial operation in March 20 this year and already commenced official service in early April. As of May 18, a total of more than six million tax invoices have been sent.

In addition, "one visit maximum" for tax affairs is also one of the key measures in this round of taxation and business climate optimization. At the end of March, tax organs followed the principles of simplifying procedures and reducing troubles for taxpayers and jointly compiled the "one visit maximum" list, which was publicly announced. At present, there are 117 items in five major categories included on this "one visit maximum" list, which cover the majority of tax affairs that taxpayers have to deal with.


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