Sichuan University - Wuhou District Sci-Tech Innovation Cooperation Summit Hosted

Chengdu Economic Daily |  release time:May 22nd,2018

  In recent days, the "Sichuan University - Wuhou District Sci-Tech Innovation Cooperation Summit," co-sponsored by Sichuan University, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and Chengdu Wuhou District People's Government, was held to great success. Surrounding the central theme of "integrated development - technology innovation - exchanges and collaborations - industrial upgrading," the event garnered participation from more than ten renowned Israeli organizations and companies like the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Infinity Group and Israel Institute of Technology, along with international platforms like the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN). At the event, Wuhou District teamed up with Sichuan University and related Israeli organizations and enterprises in signing a multitude of project cooperation agreements, setting up the "China-Israel Fund" and initiating the achievement commercialization professional agent cultivation plan, among other endeavors, which would be conducive to pragmatically accelerating the construction of the "pan-Sichuan University knowledge economy circle" and jointly formulating industrial upgrading efforts.


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