Sichuan Qualifying Round of "China Creative Wing" Start-Up and Innovation Competition Held

Sichuan Daily |  release time:May 22nd,2018

  The Sichuan qualifying rounds for the 3rd "China Creative Wing" Start-Up and Innovation Competition is currently under way, and qualifiers and finals for the whole province are scheduled to be finished by the end of August, after which outstanding projects will be selected based on contest results and sent to participate in the national qualifiers and finals. The Sichuan qualifying rounds are divided into the main contest and special contests. Of which, the former is further split into the innovative projects group and start-up projects group, and any innovation or start-up entities above the age of 16 years old may register to compete. This contest emphasizes on encouraging participation from high-caliber talents, returned study abroad persons, students (graduates) of higher education institutions and vocational schools, demobilized soldiers that transferred to the civilian sector and peasant workers that returned to their homeland, among other population groups. Meanwhile, the special contests are geared toward two special population segments, namely workers that have been relocated to other positions due to phasing out of excessive production capacity and the disabled, with each city (prefecture) to recommend one team to partake in the provincial final, and cities (prefectures) in adequate condition are encouraged to host qualifiers for the special contest. The first, second and third prize winners in the finals of this year's Sichuan qualifying rounds will be presented trophies by the organization committee of the provincial-level competition, and awarded RMB 20,000, RMB 10,000 and RMB 5,000 respectively. In addition, the prize-winning projects will also be awarded the "Sichuan Outstanding Start-Up and Innovation Project" title by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.


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