Sichuan's 1st National Key Laboratory Built under Province-Ministry Partnership Approved for Construction

Sichuan Daily |  release time:May 22nd,2018

  Sichuan Province's first national key laboratory focusing on environmentally friendly energy and materials and built under a province-ministry partnership was recently approved for construction and operation. Said laboratory is the first national key laboratory to be established under a province-ministry partnership in the province of Sichuan, and will be constructed and operated for a five-year period with the Southwest University of Science and Technology as support organization. The lab's four primary research and study directions will include and revolve around key materials suitable for usage in fusion and fission, materials for nuclear waste processing and disposal and radioactive safety, storage and transfer mechanisms of energy, and highly efficient energy-saving materials. Applications will include materials related to "artificial sun," automobile battery cells and thermal insulation-capable foam concrete, among others. The laboratory already has a fixed staff of 65 persons and has achieved breakthroughs in certain research areas. Take new energy bus battery for example, at present the lab has already invented new energy bus battery with the highest energy density in China.


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