Swellfun Creates the First Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation Fund in the Chinese Liquor Industry

本站 |  release time:March 22nd,2018

On March 20, 2018, at the Chengdu Eastern Suburb Music Park Chinese liquor brand Swellfun declared the formation of the Swellfun Intangible Cultural Heritage Rebirth Special Fund under the China Cultural Relics Protection Foundation, as well as announcing its first in-depth cooperation project, the Chengdu lacquer craft resident project.

The Swellfun Intangible Cultural Heritage Newborn Special Fund established this time was initiated along with the China Cultural Relics Protection Foundation and under guidance from the publisher of the People's Daily. The fund aims to conglomerate power from numerous parties, extensively harness the "beauty in intangible cultural heritage," and carry out active exploration and action conducive to inheriting Chinese cultural heritage, promoting distinguished Chinese cultural traditions and strengthening the soft capacity of the country's culture. This is also the first specialized intangible cultural heritage preservation fund established by the baijiu, or Chinese liquor, industry.


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