Qingbaijiang Cherry Blossom Festival Opens Free of Charge

Chengdu Economic Daily |  release time:March 22nd,2018

On March 21, 2018, the Opening Ceremony of the 9th Chengdu-Qingbaijiang Cherry Blossom Tourism Cultural Festival took place inside the Fenghuang Lake Ecological Wetland Park in Qingbaijiang District. This edition of the Cherry Blossom Festival will revolve around the main theme of "Ten thousand blooming cherry blossoms welcome friends from afar" and focus on the city's overall positioning of "inland China gateway to Asia and Europe, internationalized Qingbaijiang," as exemplified by flower bed arrangements and activity designs that all accentuate Qingbaijiang's international character in this new era. This year is also the first time the Cherry Blossom Festival opens to the public free of charge. The festival will continue from March 21, 2018 to early April 2018, and in this span of some 20 days the event aims to showcase to visitors the beauty of cherry blossoms and new changes manifesting in an internationalized Qingbaijiang.

青白江樱花春日齐绽放 今年樱花节免费.jpg

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