Jintang County Hosts "Spring in Lihua Valley" Rural Village Cultural Tourism Festival

本站 |  release time:March 22nd,2018

Between March 21 and 25, the "Spring in Lihua Valley" Rural Village Cultural Tourism Festival takes place at Lihua Valley in Qixian Township of Jintang County. It incorporates a series of activities including exhibitions and experiences like artistic creation and wilderness sketching, boutique flower-viewing, food tasting, alpine agricultural products display and picking, recreational vehicle camping, off-road rally and intangible cultural heritage "zhong liquor" display.

The planting of pear trees at Lihua Valley is time-honored, and there are more than a hundred "old pear trees" that are over 150 years old and boast more than 1.5m in girth. About 60,000 pear trees and 40,000 peach trees cover the five square kilometers of slopes, and such a wide expanse of pear trees, along with red earth landscape, a rarity in Sichuan Province, have attracted many domestic and foreign artists, professional school teachers and students to stay, make sketches and paintings, and conduct academic discussions and artwork exhibitions.

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