Chengdu Hosts 1st Resource Recycling Themed Day |  release time:March 23rd,2018

On March 23, 2018, the 1st Resource Recycling Themed Day was held. This event aimed to call out to the various facets of society to actively participate in actions such as separating trash, conserving resources and recycling, so as to motivate all citizens to partake in resource recycling, jointly build and share an ecological Chengdu, forge an ecologically conscious society, promote a green-orientation in production, city and life, and assist Chengdu in its construction as an ecological, beautiful and highly habitable city. On site at the event, resource recycling and reusing companies like Feibao, Xianpin Zaisheng and Mr.R all set up their own booths and brought along their resource recycling receptacles while also educating citizens on resource recycling knowledge.


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