Visit Du Fu Thatched Cottage on the "Human Day": Pay Respect to the Poem Saint, Appreciate Plum Blossom and Pray

CRI Online |  release time:February 23rd,2018

  February 22, 2018 is the seventh day of the first lunar month, and the annual "Tour of Du Fu Thatched Cottage on Human Day" worship activity was held at Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum. The activity still focused on the theme of "Poems convey emotions, flowers bloom in Chengdu", to enable visitors to appreciate the poems of Du Fu and enjoy the spring scenery at the Cottage. Experts and scholars of Sichuan Provincial Du Fu Society, representatives of provincial poet museums and people from all walks of life gathered before the Elegant Hall of the Cottage, worshiped scholars of the past, cherished the memory of Du Fu, the "Poem Saint", carried forward the Chinese context spirit and the glorious chapter of national morality. 

  Ji Dima, famous poet, vice president of China Writers Association, and secretary of the Secretariat, completed the steps of hands washing, saluting, eulogy reading, etc. After the worship ceremony, the poetry activity of "Thatched Cottage Responsory" was held. It further explored the cultural connotation of making friends and conveying emotions with poems of the "Thatched Cottage Responsory" 2018, and specially invited experts and scholars of Sichuan Provincial Du Fu Society, poetry lovers, and representatives from the primary and secondary schools of Chengdu to participate in this activity, and presented a wonderful event in the New Year for the public. 


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