Ten Major Policies and Measures of Chengdu Support the Headquarters Economy

www.chengdu.cn |  release time:February 6th,2018

  On February 6, 2018, at the “accelerate expansion of headquarters economy and strengthen key functional supports of National Central City” press conference, relevant staffs from the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce and Chengdu Municipal Commission of Investment Promotion analyzed and explained the main contents, features and highlights of the Opinions on Policies and Measures to Accelerate Expansion of Headquarters Economy and Strengthen Key Functional Supports of National Central City, including the ten major policies and measures to support the growth of headquarters economy. The conference proposed for Chengdu to focus on developing headquarters economy, especially emphasized on developing the four types of entities of regional headquarters of multinational corporations, general (regional) headquarters enterprises, functional headquarters enterprises and fast-growth headquarters enterprises.


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