Chengdu Accelerates Formation of Rail Transit Grid, 14 National Railroads will Adopt Urban Public Transportation Operation

Sichuan Online |  release time:February 6th,2018

  On February 6, 2018, under the guidance of the macro target of establishing itself as a National Central City, Chengdu became one of the first in the nation to implement the "integration of three rails" program in order to realize complete railroad coverage in urban and rural areas, and to actualize a railed transportation system with mutual integration, functional complementariness, sharing of resources and convenient transits between national key railroads, inter-city railroads and intra-city rail transit. Through adjustments to enable 14 national railroads to operate with higher frequency akin to urban public transportation, the endeavor aims to form a one-hour commute circle for the city cluster of the Chengdu Plain. The adoption of urban public transportation operation by national railroads will also entail renovations to relevant stations. Chengdu will carry out renovations and constructions of 34 stations including West Chengdu Station, including nine new stations, six under construction, 11 in existence, six to be renovated and two to undergo planning in the near future.


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