Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone Brandishes Scorecard: 19,200 Newly Registered Enterprises Added in 2017 |  release time:January 24th,2018

  On January 23, 2018, the High Standard Promotion of Free Trade Reform Experiments and High Level Construction of International Gateway Node City press release was held in Chengdu. Since inception on April 1, 2017, the Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone has recorded an addition of 19,200 newly registered enterprises in 2017, of which 211 are foreign-funded companies that total RMB 295 billion in registered capital. The Bank of China, Bank of Communication and other financial institutions have set up branches in the Pilot FTZ, and there are almost 300 licensed financial agencies in the Zone. A plethora of major projects are being established in the Pilot FTZ as well, including the likes of SF Express UAV Headquarters Base, National Biomedicine Big Data Industrial Park, Sichuan Services Aero-engine Bonded Maintenance Project and the Malaysia National Hall.


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