Novel Traffic Light System for Pedestrians to Deploy in Chengdu to Help "Rescue" Phubbers via Voice Notifications

Sichuan Online |  release time:January 25th,2018

  On January 24, 2018, the Chengdu traffic police started trials of integrated pedestrian traffic light systems at several intersections in the Chengdu urban districts. This set of new traffic light system for pedestrians appears to be quite beneficial for phubbers that habitually concentrate on their mobile phones as they walk. Comparing with regular traffic lights, this integrated system is a bit larger in size, and other than signal lights, there is also an electronic display below. When the lamps turn green, the display will notify pedestrians to "be safe and quickly proceed," while the monitor will read "do not proceed, please wait" when the lights turn red. In addition to the screen, the traffic light has also been equipped with voice notification such as "right now is red light, do not proceed" or "right now is green light, please proceed". Furthermore, this new system will also emit different lengths of "ticking" sounds to help guide the visually impaired.


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