Get a New Tianfu Tong Card and Receive 40% Discount on Fares Beginning with Next Ride if Total Expenditure Exceeds 200 Yuan for a Single Calendar Month

Chengdu Shangbao |  release time:January 4th,2018

  Beginning on January 1, 2018, Chengdu Metro's phased fare discount policy is officially in effect. This means that for passengers with Tianfu Tong cards obtained in December 2017, when accumulated Metro fare expenditure exceeds RMB 200 for the calendar month, a 2018 version of the new Tianfu Tong card can be acquired in January 2018 and enjoy the newly unveiled discount policy, namely 40% discount on fares beginning on the next ride. However, if accumulated Metro fare expenditure exceeds RMB 400 for the calendar month, discount will revert to 90% beginning on the next ride. For cardholders not sure how much has been spent on tickets for the month, fare record information can be found on the official website of Tianfu Tong ( or by following the Tianfu Tong public WeChat account, then input the eight-digit number of the Tianfu Tong card to see whether criteria for exchanging for new card are met.


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