Exquisite 12 Meters-Long Copy of Dunhuang Mural on Display at Sichuan Museum

Sichuan Daily |  release time:January 4th,2018

  On January 3, 2018, the Zhang Daqian's Art Gallery of Sichuan Museum opened its doors after making adjustments to its curated pieces. This round of exhibit adjustment specially added 50 pieces (sets) of works by Zhang Daqian, including a 12 meters-long copy of Dunhuang murals such as A Prince Gives His Life to a Tiger, along with his landscape scroll painting created in collaboration with another venerated artist Pu Xinshe. After this change, some of Zhang Daqian's other types of works such as calligraphy, letter and stamp have also been put on display.

  The Sichuan Museum has one of the largest collection of Zhang Daqian pieces among museums, but this is the first time such a full spectrum of Zhang's various types of works is being shown. Relevant person in charge at the museum introduced that of the newly displayed pieces, the highlight is no doubt the master's copy of the Dunhuang fresco A Prince Gives His Life to a Tiger. This is a truly exquisite piece of copy of the Dunhuang mural by Zhang and it measures more than 12 meters in length. In addition, the curation adjustment at the gallery also included six imageries of Zhang's copies of Dunhuang murals, and is the first systematic showcase of Zhang Daqian's copies of murals.


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