Full-Spectrum Greening Efforts Advanced Prolifically in 2017, Chengdu Initiated 681 Greening Projects

WCC Daily |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  In 2017, a total of 681 greening projects of all sorts were initiated in Chengdu, of which 474 have been completed while the remaining 207 are underway as formation of Chengdu's five-tiered urban greenery system continues to advance forward. At the same time, in terms of the establishment of the urban greenery system, Chengdu has added six parks with more than 20,000 square meters of space each, newly planted vegetation and flowers totaling 1.54 million square meters, and added three-dimensional greenery amounting to 80,200 square meters. In addition, seven "hospitable watersides" rivers have begun excavation, and 11.2928 million square meters of the demonstration segment of the urban waterway grid and aquatic ecology and greenery have been completed. In terms of preservation and enhancement in forest resources, Chengdu added 60,100 mu of artificially planted forest, and forest coverage rate rose from 38.7% to 39.1%. The Tianfu Greenway Plan, which aims to establish a "one axis, two mountains, three rings, seven thoroughfares" configuration, is progressing as scheduled as constructions for the Jincheng Greenway and Jin River Greenway have broken ground, while a series of preparatory works have been done for the "two mountains" forest greenway and "two rings" garden greenway.

全域增绿深入推进 2017年成都启动增绿项目681个.jpg

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