Maiden flight of Chengdu-made amphibious aircraft a success |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  On December 24, 2017, the first large-scale amphibious aircraft independently researched and developed by China, the "Kunlong" AG600, took off on its maiden flight in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. The AG600 has been outfitted with a myriad of Chengdu elements. The AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group and AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Civil Aviation created the its front fuselage, cable ducts of the whole plane and several experimental parts, while its "ears" and "eyes," or the aircraft’s the communication and navigation systems, were researched and produced by the Chengdu-based CETC Avionics Company Limited.

大型水陆两栖飞机AG600首飞成功 “头眼耳嘴”成都造.jpeg

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