Beijingers treated to a holiday taste of Chengdu culture |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  On December 25, 2017, the Holiday Fun in Chengdu promotion salon was held at 3W Coffice on Chuangye Avenue in Zhongguancun, Beijing. An important component of the "Holiday Fun in Chengdu" campaign, the event invited Beijingers to Chengdu for travel, attract high quality talents from the nation’s capital to move to Chengdu grow and develop businesses, and strengthen exchanges in science, technology, economy and culture between the two cities. Recent developments in Chengdu’s train system will also facilitate this exchange. Starting on December 28, 2017, the G90 train will begin moving between Chengdu and Beijing on the new Xi'an-Chengdu Express Railway. The return leg of the G89 train will return as well. For tourists from Beijing, Chengdu will be only eight hours away, making the city an ideal destination for for short holidays and even weekend trips. 

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