Kuanzhai Alleys to Host "Memories of Time SHOW" to Relive the Old Chengdu Days

www.youth.cn |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  In December 2017, the Kuanzhai Alleys will host the "Memories of Time SHOW", a large-scale retro-themed cultural event that will span over the New Year.It will be a chance for everybody to remember the good old times. As an emblem of Chengdu tourism and old Chengdu culture, Kuanzhai Alleys have always been dedicated to using a rich variety of cultural activities to bring classic and dynamic urban cultural experiences to locals and visitors. The "Memories of Time SHOW", set to take place at Jing Alley, is an exhibition with a 1960-1990s thematic backdrop and an extensive combination of retro items and creative handicrafts. The Kuanzhai Alleys will showcase these fondly remembered items. 


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