Phase Three of Chengdu Metro Line 1 Might Open Before the 2018 Food and Drinks Fair |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  On November 13, 2017, the Chengdu Metro Corporation Construction Company announced that the second batch of stations for phase three of Chengdu Metro Line 1 - Hongshi Park Station, Science City Station and Tianfu Park Station -  has been successfully transferred to their operation department, indicating yet another step toward commencing service. The segment is scheduled to be open to the public before the 2018 Food and Drinks Fair. Phase three of Line 1 is an extension of Line 1's north-south axis comprised of phase one and southern extension project, which will join phase one and the southern extension in connecting the "twin cores" of Chengdu, as in the central districts and Tianfu New Area. Phase three will play an important role in accelerating the construction of Tianfu New Area and in hastening the progress of the formation of a grid of Chengdu Metro routes.


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