Establishment of Four Major Forest City Clusters, Chengdu Takes New Measures in Sichuan's Large-Scale Greening Effort |  release time:December 21st,2017

  On December 20, 2017, the Sichuan Provincial Greening Commission and Sichuan Provincial Department of Forestry officially produced and issued the Developmental Plans for the Forest City Clusters of Sichuan (2017-2020), while the program for the establishment of the four major forest city clusters officially commenced. By 2020, Sichuan will have basically completed the formation of the four major forest city clusters, as in the Chengdu Plain, southern Sichuan, northeastern Sichuan and western Panzhihua. Meanwhile, according to the Overall Planning for Large-scale Greening of the Whole Sichuan and Firm Establishment of an Ecological Barrier in the Upstream Segment of the Yangtze River, Sichuan will use about five years to coordinate and implement nine major greening endeavors in order to pursue decisive and pivotal breakthroughs in the greening of state land within Sichuan Province. By 2020, forest coverage rate throughout the province shall reach 40%, vegetation coverage rate shall reach 50% and state land greening coverage rate shall reach 70%, so as to actualize an entirely green Sichuan with clear sky and clean soil, basically complete the formation of an ecological barrier in the upstream section of the Yangtze, and create a new homeland with an ecologically conscious civilization.

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