2017 Chengdu Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Day Special Activity Held in Chengdu

www.cjn.cn |  release time:December 21st,2017

  On December 20, 2017, the Chengdu Municipal Employment Service Administration hosted the "Chengdu Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Day" Special Activity. This event employed a "1+22 model," as in coordinated action between the city's 22 districts (cities) and counties with the Chengdu Municipal Employment Service Administration as the lead, and is comprised of the "four enterings and four offerings" employment and entrepreneurship promotion endeavors, which entailed "entering enterprises, entering higher education institutions, entering bases, entering communities" and "offering policies, offering training, offering services, offering positions" to be simultaneously carried out in Chengdu's 22 districts (cities) and counties. With the new round of employment and entrepreneurship policies as focus, Chengdu's urban-rural integrated employment and entrepreneurship policies are extensively propagated in order to stimulate the employment and entrepreneurship spirits within the masses and cultivate a climate filled with care and support for employment and entrepreneurship throughout the society, which will facilitate the fostering of ideal conditions conducive to the establishment of a National Central City that fully exhibits new developmental concepts.


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