2017 "Chengdu in Painting" Arts Exhibition of the Year Opened at Sichuan Provincial Library

www.newssc.org |  release time:December 13th,2017

On December 12, 2017, the "Chengdu in Painting" Arts Exhibition of the Year and Masters Invitation Exhibition, an event sponsored by the Chengdu Federation of Literary and Arts Circles, opened at the Sichuan Provincial Library. Having already been held for six successful sessions, the "Chengdu in Painting" Arts Exhibition of the Year is supported by the Publicity Department of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and resulted from cooperation and joint efforts between the Chengdu Federation of Literary and Arts Circles, the various federations of literary and arts circles throughout different districts, cities and counties of Chengdu, the Chengdu Artists Association and numerous arts schools in the city's higher education institutions. This edition of the exhibition received application from 871 pieces, and after two rounds of meticulous assessments, a group of over 200 finalist works including Chinese paintings, oil paintings, woodcut prints, sculptures, water paintings, caricatures, lacquer paintings, ballpoint pen artworks and comprehensive material pieces were chosen and put on display. Of these, one first prize, a trio of second prizes and five third prizes were selected.


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