Non-Locals with Chengdu Resident Permit Can Apply for Exit & Entry Documents Locally

Sichuan Online |  release time:December 12th,2017

  On December 11, 2017, there are two new reasons for twi benefits were granted to non-locals holding Chengdu resident permits to cheer about. Non-local residents with out-of-town household registrations (hukou) and valid local resident permits issued by Chengdu can apply for exit & entry documents at any exit & entry administration entityies in any districts (citiyes) or couny ties in Chengdu. Exit & entry documents approved for processing include: Regular passports, exit-entry permits for Hong Kong and Macao, and exit-entry permits for Taiwan.

持成都居住证的外地居民注意 可以就近办理出入境证件了.jpg

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