Chengdu's Greenways |  release time:December 12th,2017

  In September 2017, Chengdu announced it's proposal for the Tianfu Greenway. Based on planning principles of "admission, participation, scenery, scenic zone", the city is to construct 1,920 km of regional-level greenways, more than 5,000 km of municipal-level greenways and over 10,000 km of community-level greenways with a "one axis, two mountains, three rings, seven belts" three-tier layout that will total nearly 20,000 km of greenways throughout the area. As an important ring of the "three rings" of the Tianfu Greenway, construction for the Jincheng Greenway began in September. Phase one of the project is slated to greet the public before the Spring Festival of 2018. The Panda Greenway, another ring of the "three ring", is positioned as a "urban park" loop with signifiers of panda culture and a regional-level greenway with modernized and high quality features. By 2025, the main greenway structure with 1,920 km of greenways in the city area will have taken shape, and by 2040 the entire greenway network will be completed.

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