Entire Xi'an-Chengdu Hi-Speed Railway to Commence Official Operation on December 6, 2017

www.newssc.org |  release time:December 18th,2017

  The Xi'an-Jiangyou segment of the Xi'an-Chengdu Hi-speed Railway, the country's first hi-speed railway that traverses the Qinling mountain range, will commence official service on December 6, 2017, indicating that the entire line will become operational. Totaling a length of 658km and running at an operation speed of 250km/h, the route begins in the Shaanxi provincial capital of Xi'an, passes by Hanzhong and enters Sichuan around the city of Guanyuan, then merges with the existing Mianyang-Chengdu-Leshan Railway before terminating in Chengdu. Second-class fare for the journey from East Chengdu (Chengdu-dong) Railway Station to North Xi'an (Xi'an-bei) Railway Station is priced at RMB 263, while second-class ticket for the trip between Guangyuan and Xi'an-bei will cost RMB 152.


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