New Campus of Civil Aviation Flight University of China to be Established in Chengdu

Xinhuanet |  release time:December 11th,2017

  On December 6, 2017, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the Hi-tech Development Area of Chengdu and the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC), stipulating that the new campus of the latter will be established inside the Tianfu International Airport New City. The new campus will provide education covering different levels including junior college, bachelor's and graduate programs. The new campus of the CAFUC will feature civil aviation basic technology research base, civil aviation technology application and development base and innovation talents development base, as well as world-class and nation-leading key laboratories and practice facilities. In addition, coordinated government-industry-academia-research innovation platform will be created so as to promote industrialization of the school's scientific and technological research achievements in the Airport New City.


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