Chengdu Metro Line 7: Pioneer in "Inner/Outer Ring" New Concept, Only 66 Mins Needed for One Loop |  release time:December 11th,2017

  At 8:36 am on the morning of December 6, 2017, all stations on Line 7 of the Chengdu Metro officially started trial operation. At 8:50 am, the first train, featuring a Jinsha-inspired theme, took off steadily from Jinsha Museum Station with its first load of passengers. This departure indicates that after four years of intense construction and preparations for operation, the first loop route of the Chengdu Metro has officially begun trial operation. The Chengdu Metro Line 7 employs a single-loop operation organization format, and based on its "loop with no terminal" characteristic, ride and transit information and guidance are accurately and succinctly displayed to passengers. For the direction signage above platform screen doors and dynamic map of trains, route maps are illustrated based on the station's physical location and the "north-up, south-down, west-left, east-right" principle, while guidance is further optimized by indicating major stations in the direction ahead. It takes roughly 66 minutes to travel one loop on Line 7 across the inner ring and outer ring.


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