150,000 AttendedInnovation &Creativity Week

release time:November 15th,2017

  The 4th Innovation & Creativity Weeek, attended by 150,000 visitors,concluded on Nov. 13. The four-day event, consisting of five main activities, brought nearly a hundred leading innovators and creative professionals to Chengdu, showcasing over 22,000 cutting-edge products from 700 creative organizations and companies.Nearly one thousand global master designers and influential newcomer designers graced the event. Deals, signed and potential,totaled 3.56 billion RMB. The week's events provided a vibrant platform for people to experience the latest products in technology, life, music, art, travel, animation, and other dynamic industries. But more importantly, Chengdu gathered momentum to develop its creative economy, knowledge creationpromote, push for knowledge creation, and facilitate creative designs and innovative experiences. 


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