16 Handsome Multiple Unit Railcars on the Xi'an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway to Begin Operation Soon

Huaxi |  release time:December 7th,2017

  After the initial check and acceptance for the whole of the Xi'an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway, operation for this hotly anticipated line has begun its countdown. On November 20, 2017, China Railway has allocated 16 sets of CRH3A multiple unit railcars for service on the Xi'an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway. This model is currently the only type of multiple unit railcars suitable for both passenger-only express running at speed between 200-250 km/h and inter-city railway transportation traveling between 160-250 km/h. The CRH3A multiple unit railcars operate with eight coaches, which measure 3.9m in height, 3.3m in width each and about 25m in length for the middle coaches, and is designed to transport up to 613 passengers at a top speed of 250 km/h.


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