More than 10,000 Trees Added to Walkways in Chengdu within Half a Month

Sichuan Daily |  release time:December 7th,2017

  Revolving around the theme of "more greenness throughout" in terms of plantation and cultivation along walkways, Chengdu has added trees, bushes and flowers such as cherry blossom, gingko and camphor trees along many pedestrian paths, with the central districts accumulating the plantation of 45,745 trees along walkways during autumn. At the same time, at key locales like Qingdong Road in Chenghua District, central separation barriers on Jinxing Road in Jinjiang District, The One on Taisheng Road in Qingyang District and other main entry and exit points to the city, road intersections and public plazas, a total of 48,648 square meters of new flowers were planted. The central districts have accumulated a total of 225,317 square meters of newly planted flowers.


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