Tianfu Park Finished Construction and Opened

www.chengdu.cn |  release time:December 7th,2017

  The Chengdu Tianfu Park, which stretches for two kilometers along Tianfu Avenue and spreads over an area of 1.6 square kilometers from Zhenggong Road in the north and Fuzhou Road in the south, has finished construction and opened to the public. The Park is roughly equivalent to Jincheng Lake Wetland and currently is the largest general-purpose park along Tianfu Avenue. Located to the west of Tianfu Avenue, the Park incorporates uneven terrain and low rolling hills in creating its numerous water sceneries. Qinhuag Lake, measuring 200,000 square meters in area and the largest water body in the park, is situated in the western part of the Park, and new observation deck has been outfitted on the Tianfu Avenue green belt specially for this lake.


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