140 Brocade and Weaving Treasures Showcased at Chengdu Museum

www.chengdu.cn |  release time:December 7th,2017

  On November 21, 2017, the Brocade Worldwide - Chinese Weaving and Brocade Culture Exhibition was unveiled to the public in Chengdu, the starting point of the ancient Southern Silk Road. The Exhibition has assembled over 140 exquisite pieces of brocade and weaving works from the collections at the Chengdu Museum, Shu Brocade and Weaving Museum, Suzhou Silk Museum, Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum and Anthropology Museum of Guangxi. These exhibits systematically display the weaving and production features of Chinese Shu brocade, Song brocade, Yun brocade and Zhuang brocade throughout the ages.

  Brocade is the most precious of all fabrics during ancient times, and the saying "an inch of brocade, an inch of gold" has been prevalent since antiquity. From origins and development to changes in techniques and functional application, this Exhibition demonstrates the weaving and production features brocade over the course of history. Furthermore, visitors can see the famed "five stars from the east benefits China" Shu brocade, which has been honored as one of the greatest discoveries for Chinese archaeology in the 20th century and designated among the first batch of National Grade One cultural relics prohibited from showing abroad. This Exhibition, which is opened to the public free of charge, will run until March 3, 2018, and is located in the temporary exhibition hall at B1/F of the Chengdu Museum.


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