"Rainbow" Bicycle Lane to Appear in Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area

Huaxi |  release time:December 7th,2017

  On November 20, 2017, the Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area Slow Traffic System (including Green Ways) Planning was officially released. According to the Planning, the Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area will construct networks with more than 800km of bicycle lanes and over 700 km of pedestrian walkways, while unique slow traffic routes such as rainbow slow traffic avenue and green slow traffic routes will be forged.

  In the South Zone of the Hi-tech Development Area, bicycle lanes are designed with the three colors of red, blue and green, which is intended to use the high degree of contrast and the vibrant and passionate colors to represent the modernness, inclusiveness, trendiness and energy of the Hi-tech Development Area. Meanwhile in the West Zone, bike lanes will be painted in pink, light yellow and pale green, and this combo of low saturation colors aims to symbolize the refreshing, natural and eco-friendly characteristics of the Area. In addition, the grounds of the lanes will be adorned with bicycle logos to emphasize their function.


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