WeChat Wallet Now Available for Purchasing Train Tickets on 12306 Website

Sichuan Daily |  release time:November 23rd,2017

  Beginning November 23, 2017, the official customer service website of China Railway, www.12306.cn, began trial for WeChat (Weixin) Wallet as one of its payment options. After unveiling features like ordering food online, canceling ticket sales fees for transactions in other cities, and "multi-stop" tickets and "choose your seat" functions for high-speed rail, this is yet another new measure implemented by the railroad authority to make life easier for users. When buying train tickets on the 12306 website or mobile app, those with WeChat Wallet accounts can choose the corresponding payment method, while ticket counters and auto ticket vending machines in major cities and stations across China will also begin rolling out QR code-scanning WeChat Wallet payment.

  Relevant person in charge explained that incorporating WeChat Wallet into the transaction process is a part of China Railway's efforts in strengthening cooperation with Internet companies in order to promote the "integration of two nets" between the high-speed railway network and the Internet, achieve resource sharing and actively explore potentials in complementary advantages. Upon the basis of WeChat Wallet payment trials, the railway authority will continue optimizing service functions and technical assurance, and strive to satisfy the diverse and individual needs of different people in their enduring endeavor to improve user-experience among travelers.


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