Chengdu Energy Consumption to Optimize and Become "Greener"

Sichuan Daily |  release time:November 23rd,2017

  On November 20, 2017, Chengdu began issuing license plates exclusively used by new energy vehicles. All cars with NEV license plates will have no restrictions in traveling around Chengdu municipal territory, and purely electrical urban logistics delivery vehicles will also be free of any travel limits. On the same day, construction for the electric vehicle manufacturing center of Polestar, a high-performance brand under Swedish carmaker Volvo, broke ground in the Chengdu-administered zone of Tianfu New Area, indicating yet another addition to the new energy vehicles industry of the city. Raising the application of clean energy in motor cars is one of many manifestations of Chengdu's efforts in amending its energy consumption structure. 

  In order to carry out green developmental concepts in earnest, based on coordinated deployments and requirements about galvanizing green development as stipulated by the CPC Sichuan Committee, Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, CPC Chengdu Committee and Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, the city will engender optimization and adjustments to its modes of energy consumption through measures such as promoting construction of clean energy infrastructure facilities, emphatically developing green transportation, accelerating the eradication of coal-burning furnaces, speeding up the elimination of production capacities that do not meet relevant standards, picking up the pace in creating clean energy zones, and pushing forward the utilization of reusable energy in an orderly manner.


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