"Just Chengdu" Platforms to Debut at Stations on Line 7 of Chengdu Metro

www.newssc.org |  release time:November 23rd,2017

  On November 23, 2017, construction for Line 7, the first loop on the Chengdu Metro network, came to a close. Running a total length of 38.56km, it is currently the longest line on the Chengdu Metro to open in a single phase, as well as the first subway loop in the central districts. Line 7 has 31 stations, including eight transit stations that connect to all five of the other existing lines, which substantially enhances the accessibility and convenience of the Metro network. The commencement of Line 7 not only marks the preliminary completion of an interconnected network comprised of the key subway routes in the central districts, but also the augmentation of transit function between the downtown area and the offshoot Metro lines, which will be conducive to easing traffic congestions in the central area, simplify transfers between transportations and significantly improve the usage rate of the entire Metro network. Chengdu Metro Line 7 will officially come into operation in December.


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