Maiden Flight of Air China's First Airbus A320neo Departed from Chengdu to Guangzhou |  release time:November 23rd,2017

  On November 22, 2017, the first Airbus A320neo passenger jetliner purchased by Air China officially went into service, with its maiden flight being a trip from Chengdu to Guangzhou. On its debut, the airliner carried 126 passengers and took off from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 7:53, then arrived safely at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport at 9:46. This brand new Airbus A320neo, serial number B8891, was delivered to the franchised southwest branch of Air China in Shuangliu Airport at 2am on November 18 by the Airbus Final Assembly Line in Tianjin. This aircraft features an eight-seat Business Class cabin and a 150-seat Economy Cabin for a total seating capacity for 158 passengers, and has been outfitted with extra-wide seats, high-power USB ports underneath the seats, and 1080p overhead monitors capable of showing hi-def videos. At present, the fleet operated and administered by the southwest branch of Air China has expanded to 89 airplanes.


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