Yuan Longping Chengdu Experiment Fields to Relocate Seed Industry Silicon Valley

Chengdu Daily |  release time:December 20th,2017

  In 2018, the Yuan Longping Chengdu Experiment Field Center will relocate to the Deyuan Street district in the Pidu District. When the new Chengdu branch opens, efforts will be dedicated to Yuan Longping's two dreams of "resting in the shades of cereal crops" (Yuan's aspiration and pursuit for high-yield hybrid rice) and bringing hybrid rice to the world, in addition to his hope to establish an agricultural knowledge education base for youths. The plan is to forge an international "seed industry Silicon Valley" for hybrid rice within three to five years. At present, with the preliminary plans for the new venue, Peng Su, head of the Chengdu Branch Center of the China National Hybrid Rice R&D Center, has reported to Yuan in Hunan, who lauded the Chengdu Branch Center's achievements in promoting of hybrid rice development since its inception, and expressed the wish that construction for the new venue would soon be finished. After relocation, not only will the experiment fields be larger and the environment be better, but more importantly, by relying on the Chengdu Branch Center and capitalizing on the Jingrong Town's mass entrepreneurship and innovation climate and positioning, a Tianfu - Field International Hybrid Rice Silicon Valley project will be created.


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