Unmanned Supermarket Emerged in Chengdu, 300 to be Set Up in Central Districts

www.chengdu.cn |  release time:November 16th,2017

  At South Dianxin Street in Wuhou District, Chengdu, a small fresh produce-oriented supermarket called "e Market Community Convenient Fresh Produce Self-serviced Store" was making final preparations before its scheduled opening on November 16, 2017. An unmanned grocery store with a focus on fresh agricultural produce that is opened 24 hours a day, the ten square meters-shop has been outfitted with several sets of refrigeration-enabled self-serviced fresh produce vending machines, along with two other sets of automated vendors that sells dried goods and cooking oil.


  This convenient fresh produce self-serviced store is yet another innovative "food basket" measure undertaken by the service provider, after having already unveiled "mobile market," community convenient market, community mobile market and the "e market" fresh agricultural produce e-commerce platform in Chengdu. Other than the unmanned automated supermarket at No.25 South Dianxin Street, the operator has also simultaneously set up fresh agricultural produce self-serviced vending machines, each of which occupy no more than two square meters of space, at various locales in Wuhou District such as No.18 Middle Xiaotian Street, No.88 East Xiaotian Lane, Gate Two of Lijing Tiancheng community and the plaza at Jiuru Village community. Such unmanned supermarket service has been extended to residential communities and regions, allowing residents to enjoy such life quality improvement amenities right outside their doorstep. "We plan to establish at least 300 locations around the central districts within 2018," the service provider said.

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