The Third Batch of Unique Chengdu Commercial Street Zones were Announced |  release time:November 3rd,2017

On November 2, 2017, the Chengdu Municipal Government approved the listing of Gold Coast, Shuadu of Jintang County, West Village Fashion and Leisure Culture Unique Street of Qingyang District, Southern City U-World Road of Shuangliu District and Qushang Commercial Old Street in Haiwozi of Pengzhou City, which meet the standards stipulated in the Details for Identification as Unique Commercial Streets in Chengdu, as constituents in the third batch of unique Chengdu commercial street zones. At present, there are 32 city-level unique commercial streets and five state-level unique commercial streets in Chengdu, of which the latter are Qintai Road, Kuanzhai Alleys, Chunxi Road, U-World and Jianshe Road. Chengdu will continue to inherit and embody "Tianfu Culture" and has plans to forge a total of 204 unique commercial street zones that will function as key gateways to the city’s rich culture.


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