World-leading All-in-One VR Headset Might Be "Made in Chengdu" |  release time:November 3rd,2017

On the afternoon of November 2, 2017, ten world-leading IDEALENS K2 VR integrated headsets officially rolled off the production line at Chengdu Aplus Labs and successfully concluded their trial testing. Riding the wave of this opportunity, Idealsee, the developer of the IDEALENS K2 VR device and a new enterprise located in Chengdu’s Hi-tech Zone, officially announced the relocation of a portion of its production from Shenzhen back to Chengdu. In the future, the complete production cycle of this world-leading VR integrated headset, from research and development to manufacturing, will all be completed in Chengdu, making the device genuinely "made in Chengdu".


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