2017 UCI Urban Cycling World Championship

www.chengdu.cn |  release time:November 1st,2017

The 2017 UCI Urban Cycling World Championship is set to take place between November 8 and 12 in Xinhua Park of Chenghua District. Founded by the Union Cycliste Internationale, the UCI Urban Cycling World Championship, the world's premier urban cycling competition, is comprised of three events: BMX Freestyle, MTB Eliminator and MTB Trials. BMX freestyle has just become an official program in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Renovations at Xinhua Park in Chenghua District, the competition venue, are currently under way. Competition grounds are set in the Park's existing playground and a part of the plaza. After the championship ends, the facilities will be recreation grounds for young BMX riders, skateboarders, and rollerblading enthusiasts. 


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