Guide to Chinese Driving License Application

release time:September 4th,2017

International Driver Permit and Oversea Driver License are invaild in mainland China. If driving in mainland China, foreigners must hold a Chinese driving license. Here is how to apply for  Chinese driving license in Chengdu.


Materials Required

1. Motor Vehicle Driving License Application Form;

2. Original copy and photocopy of valid identity documents of the applicant, (passport or other travel documents, visa or residence permit valid for three months residence (stay) or more  the applicant held upon entry, and residence registration certificate issued by public security organs; identity certificate of foreigners holding Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card when applying for motor vehicle driving license should be his/her Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card and residence registration certificate issued by public security organs);

3. Motor Vehicle Driver Physical Fitness Report;

4. Original copy of Motor Vehicle Driving License;

5. If the original driving license is missing, the applicant should present a written declaration of loss.

6. Physical Fitness Certificate instead of Motor Vehicle Driver Physical Fitness Report should be provided in applications caused by expiration, overage or physical fitness change;

7. Three recent one-inch bareheaded color photos with white background;

8. As for agent application, the agent should also submit the original copy and photocopy of own identity certificate, along with the application form or physical fitness certificate co-signed by the motor vehicle driver and the agent.

 Processing locations

Chengdu Vehicle Administration Office, branch of traffic police bureau and district (city) county traffic police brigade


1. If the motor vehicle driver’s information such as identity certificate type or number has changed due to engagement in or release from military service, passport replacement or change of ID number, and if the information about the applicant such as name, age and photo is consistent with the driver’s information registered in the driving license, the vehicle administration office should handle the application and change relevant information.

2. The application will not be accepted under circumstances such as 12-point deduction, overdue inspection, or license seizure, detention, deregistration, suspension or revocation, or if there are unsettled illegal acts in contravention of traffic ordinance or traffic accidents.

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