Guide to New Vehicle Registration

release time:September 1st,2017

Just became a car owner? Here is what you have to do to register a motor vehicle.


Materials Required

1. Original copy of Application Form for Motor Vehicle Registration, Transfer, Deregistration/Transfer-in;

2. Original copy and photocopy of identity certificate of motor/vehicle owner;

3. Proof on the provenance of the motor vehicle;

4. Original copy of Ex-factory Conformity Certificate of Finished Motor Vehicles; original copy of Certificate of Importation of Cargo of imported motor vehicle; original copy of Notice on PRC Customs-supervised Vehicle Import (Export) License Receiving (Cancellation) of customs supervised motor vehicle;

5. Proof on payment of vehicle purchase tax or documentation on tax-exemption;

6. Compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance certificate;

7. Vehicle and vessel tax payment or tax-exemption certificate;

8. Small automatic passenger car installed with physically disabled steering assist device should also provide the original and copy of the proof on qualified installation of steering assist device;

9. Motor vehicle does not belong to those imported through customs or exempted from technical inspection of safety as regulated by the administrative department of the State Council for motor vehicle products, should also provide proof on being qualified in motor vehicle technical inspection of safety;

10. Other proofs and certificates prescribed by any law or administrative regulation to be submitted for the registration of the motor vehicle;

11. Application agent should also provide the original copy of identity certificate of the agent and the original copy of the legal written power of attorney provided by the motor vehicle owner.

Processing Time Limit

Registration should be settled in two days from the date of acceptance. Suspectable vehicles, materials or certificates will be investigated (The duration of investigation is not included in the time limit).


Get information pre-recorded and vehicle inspected at the vehicle administration office (station), branch of traffic police bureau, district (city) county traffic police brigade or motor vehicle registration service stations → submit materials at the service window → pay the fees → obtain a license plate.


1. In accordance with Sichuan Province implementation measures for the Law of The People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety: A motor vehicle owner or manager shall firstly deregister the owned or managed discarded motor vehicle and complete inspection of the vehicle that has not gone through technical inspection of safety timely before applying for new motor vehicle registration or conformity inspection mark.

2. After motor vehicle transfer registration or vehicle deregistration, the original motor vehicle owner can apply to the vehicle administration office (station) for using the original motor vehicle license plate number when applying for newly purchased motor vehicle registration (Where the name, ID number of the motor vehicle owner changed before applying for transfer registration or vehicle deregistration, the owner shall apply for relevant record change first).

The following conditions shall be met when applying for using the original motor vehicle license plate number:

 (I) Submit application within six months after transfer registration or vehicle deregistration;

 (II) The motor vehicle owner had owned the original motor vehicle for more than three years;

 (III) Illegal act or traffic accident on road traffic safety related to the original motor vehicle has been handled. 

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