Shared Bikes in Chengdu ( Part 2)

release time:June 6th,2017

The Secret to Bike Riders

O: Ofo  B: Bluegogo  M:Mobike

Number of Bikes: 

Expected to reach 100,000 (O) in spring.  

About 40,000 (B)  

100,000 (M) 

 About the Users:  

Young people and female (O) 

Most bikes will be used on 2 or 3 pm on sunny days (B)  

Bike "hunters" protect the bikes voluntarily (M) 


Places with Most Bikes

High-Tech Zone, Wuhou District, Qingyang District (O) 

Main urban area and High-Tech Zone (around Tianfu Software Park) (B)  

Business circles and metro station perimeters (M) 


Why Ride a Public Bike?  

On weekdays, bike-riding rush hours coincide with morning and evening rush hours, which means many citizens ride bikes for commute. 

Where to Go? 

(According to Mobike's Spring Festival Riding Report of Chengdu) 


Scenic Spots TOP 3 

1. Wuhou Shrine  

2. Kuanzhai Alley 

3. Eastern Suburb Memory 


Delicacy Circles TOP 3 

1. Kuixinglou Street  

2. Yulin Street  

3. Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu


Business Circles TOP 3

1. Jianshe Street  

2. Wanda Square in Jinhua Road, Jinjiang District 

3. Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Besides, Chengdu citizens also like 

       Riding a bike on traditional occasions, such as going to Wenshu Monastery for burning incense and to the fair held in Wuhou Temple. Mobike was mostly used around Caoshi Street on Chinese New Year's Eve. And the majority of people pick up bikes on Wuhou Temple Street during the Spring Festival. 

The rush hours during the Spring Festival are 2 pm to 5 pm, when most users choose to go out.

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